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    Bringing Starboard Innovation & Quality to New Zealand

    As pioneers of stand up paddling in New Zealand since 2008, Starboard SUPSNZ's purpose has always been to nurture the growth of stand up paddling and a sense of community around the sport by creating experiences with a sense of vitality, freedom and connection. Free on the water enjoying the energy of our blue planet. Feeling connected to the people we share experiences with. Feeling alive using our own energy to move on the water.

    Victoria and Jeremy from SUPSNZ live and breathe SUP. Ten years into it and we still love SUP racing, surfing, foiling and sharing our vast knowledge of the ocean, the sport, and all that goes with it. This year we have taken another step into the future with the launch of SUPWell, the "paddle with us" side of SUPSNZ, and start to take sustainability to a whole new level with Starboard.

    Backing SeaCleaners, Love the Sea and the Eat Less Plastic mission, along with Parley for the Ocean and Sustainable Surf, we're putting the health of our waterways and our planet right at the top and helping to do something about the fast growing threat of marine plastic pollution. Water is our life force, so when our wild waters are not healthy, neither are we. We can all play a part - no matter how small. Join us on the journey to Live a Deep Blue Life with Starboard.


    Our story began in Auckland 2008 with frequent, concerned calls to the Coastguard about a windsurfer who had lost his rig. That was Jeremy Stephenson, the founder of Starboard NZ, who was pioneering a new sport on the Waitemata, stand up paddling. No rig required. Jeremys lifelong passion for water sports became the family business when he began distributing Starboard stand up paddle boards, paddles and accessories in NZ.

    Jeremy persuaded friends old and new to try this sport and with his partner Victoria Stuart , began creating occasions for a fledgling community to enjoy and learn about stand up paddling together. These grew and became the Hyundai Pro Longboard Tour, the first ever NZ SUP Championships, weekly SUP racing at Takapuna and that unmissable big, pink charity event, Paddle For Hope.

    Starboard NZ events were truly a family affair. With three young kids, family and friends rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to help. That's a family business.

    At the heart of the growth of Starboard NZ was exciting New Zealanders about the possibilities of stand up paddling and providing them with best quality stand up paddle equipment and advice. Even for water sports people though, excitement developed into to wanting to know you are doing it right. So in 2014 Starboard NZ helped Brody Welte bring the PaddleFit coaching system to New Zealand and with that a SUP coaching side to their business, complimenting equipment and events. From Fitness to exploring, to yoga and splashing around at the beach. The job of exciting, educating and coaching more New Zealander's about SUP just got bigger!

    In 2018 Helen Blair joined the Starboard family and with Victoria co-created SUPWell so you can paddle with Starboard NZ as well as buy your gear from us. SUPWell provides stand up paddling coaching programs and events with a range of abilities and needs in mind: from wellbeing to rehabilitation from cancer treatment to fitness. Getting you on the right board and helping you learn how to get the best from it are both equally important.

    "We all paddle our Starboard gear every day so we know it well and trust it. We spend a good chunk of our lives on the water sharing the stoke of that first glide, that first wave, that first pivot turn with Kiwi's of all ages and abilities making sure your experience of stand up paddling is nothing but the best."