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    Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an activity everyone can enjoy, regardless of your age, ability or size. The perfect whole body and core workout, SUP is the most invigorating way to get out and experience nature while your exercising. Not only for fitness, SUP also has a meditative, calming effect. The sound of the water rippling under your board or the waves crashing around you, the rhythm of the paddle stroke ... you are totally immersed in the present, focused and calm.

    SUP improves balance and co-ordination, strength and endurance, is stress reducing, invigorating, and invites adventure and exploration.

    Against that big blue backdrop, you feel humbled by your insignificance in relation to the ocean. Aware of the wind and the rain, the temperature, the currents and the sun on your face, you are at one with the planet.  A whole body and mind 'workout'.

    Need some advice on where to start? Check out our Getting Started on Flat Water or Getting Started on Waves articles.