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    • Fun glide for flat-water cruising.
    • Good stability for catching waves.
    • Exciting performance once up and riding.

    The 11’2” x 30” is the ultimate Blend for easy entry into surfing and flat-water cruising. 11’2” length combines glide and maneuverability for long board style performance in the surf.

    Target Rider: Entry level paddlers wanting a stable all rounder up to more intermediate wave riders.

    Key Features: Wide nose and tail for stability through turns

    Dimensions: 11'2 length for fun glide to cruise and catch waves early. Width is 30”  to match stability with rider’s weight and skill level.

    Bottom shape: Mono to double concave, V from mid point through to tail

    LENGTH 11’2” 345 cm
    WIDTH 30” 76.9 cm
    THICKNESS 4.4” 11.1 cm
    TAIL WIDTH 15.8” 40.4 cm
    VOLUME 178 L
    RIDER WEIGHT      60-95 kg
    FIN SET UP Thruster
    FINS Center ASAP: 8”
    YEAR 2018



    • Impact resistant high-density themorformed EVA foam wraps the full rails.
    • 20kg/m3 fused, precision molded cellcore for extra strength and water resistance.
    • Full deck EVA pad with 4mm square grooved traction on the rear two-thirds of the board.
    • Multiple layers of high grade fiberglass are wetted out in resin.
    • A standing area of 0.6mm Australian Pine is added for extra deck impact resistance and rigidity.
    • New IQ handle for best grip and all inserts have added reinforcement.
    • 50% recycled EVA deck pads from post industrial waste.
    • 33% less paint sprayed on the bottom of the board. 

    * Product may be different from image.  3D images shown here of Pinetek technology.  ASAP is the dark blue board. 

    *3D Images show Carbon Technology. 2D Image shows AST Electric.

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