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    Be an All Star at every race.

    Nothing speaks like race results. And our race boards produce results.

    • From progressive level riders to elite racers.
    • The All Star is the world's most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design.
    • The updated bottom shape is more stable when switching between strokes, allowing you to maintain a smooth and balanced glide without disrupting the speed.
    • Starboard’s 2019 race range is faster and again more stable, breaking new boundaries in our sport.
    • Best value offering Hybrid Carbon technology.

    2019 12'6 x 28" ALL STAR


    Suitable for All Round/Cruising and all types of SUP racing or longer distance paddling, the 12'6 x 28" All Star offers a super-stable board for entry level racers and riders from 75-105kg, giving you maximum control in downwinders and in and out of the surf. 

    In New Zealand the 12'6 class is the smaller of two race-board specific classes (12'6 and 14').  The advantage of a 12'6 over a 14' board is often experienced in heavy surf or course racing with lots of side-wind and cross chop.  12'6 is a much more manageable length in tougher conditions, and suitable for smaller and less experienced riders.

    Length (imperial) 12'6''
    Length (cm) 381 cm
    Width (imperial) 28''
    Width (cm) 71.1 cm
    Thickness (imperial)                   10.1''
    Thickness (cm) 25.7 cm
    Tail Width (Imperial) 17.9''
    Tail Width (cm) 45.5 cm
    Volume 340 L
    Rider Weight 75 - 105 kg
    Fin Set Up Single
    Fins Race Ultra
    Weight Carbon Sandwich 12.0 kg (Est)
    Weight Hybrid Carbon 13.4 kg (Est)
    Bottom Shape
    Forward extended center channel


    • Smooth Nose refined V allows for faster entry onto downwind bumps and added kick reduces nose diving.
    • Optimized Nose Volume provides greater float and lift in flat water, allowing for faster acceleration. The added volume gives greater buoyancy and lift upwind and prevents nose diving when paddling downwind. The pop and release allows the rider to maintain glide with a steady cadence.
    • Boxy straight rails with more vertical apex optimizes the full outline width of the board for greater stability and reduces rolling.
    • Fuller rail in front of the standing area provides more pop and stability both upwind and in side chop as the board is less affected by water wrapping & pulling the board.
    • Chamfered rail edge provides secondary stability to restrict the board from rolling.
    • Added stability and Smoother glide from the flat side plane. Feels more controlled and less twitchy when switching between strokes.
    • Narrower & straighter Center channel for added tracking and speed.
    • Higher tray prevents water wrapping into the standing area adding excess weight and drag, improves stability in side chop and allows to turn the board when leaning on rail. Enables riders to use the slight rail to wedge their feet for additional support and comfort to ride a narrower board.
    • New diamond grooved deck pad improves grip and comfort.
    • Additional center drainage exhaust to flush water out of the standing area


    “My favorite board is the Allstar as its the most versatile between the Sprint and Ace. It can hold a quick pace in the flats, but you don’t have to worry if you’re in some wind or choppy water. For high wind downwiders and surf races, the Allstar provides the most stability and most control in all conditions. In 2019, we’ve made a few adjustments to increase speed, stability, and overall performance! We’ve flattened out the tail to provide a more stable pivot point for buoy turns, downinding and surfing. This will help you control your board with less effort in bumpy conditions from the tail so you can maximize control with less chance of falling in.”  Fiona Wylde

    Explore Hybrid Carbon Technology

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