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    Consistent, Stable and Easy.

    The Wave is Mr. Versatile because it is stable and can also be surfed in a high-performance manner with ease. Ideal for advanced foilers looking for consistency and a foil that can breach the surface when carving hard.

    At a glance - The consistent, versatile wave-riding foil.

    In detail - It's stable, handles surface breaches smoothly and keeps a consistent speed. As a windsurf foil, it is a super-easy, early take-off foil that's great for freeride and freestyle foiling. Developed together with Abraham Shouse, Maui.

    This is a 1700cm front wing size with a Deep Tuttle fitting.

    An unprecedented feat. Starboard Foils won virtually every international foil event entered, along the way the most popular foil used by the world's best foilers.


    Starboard's mast head: Deep Tuttle and Foil Box compatible  

    The Starboard's mast head is designed to fit into boards that either have Deep Tuttle fin boxes with a sloped bottom inside or the newer Foil Boxes that have a flat bottom inside. The elongated holes allow the bolts to rotate and adapt to both angles: parallel or tapered. The stainless steel nuts are oversized and deeply recessed into the head for maximum strength.


    Starboard Foils pioneered the fusion of carbon and aluminium in foils: carbon is used for thinner parts like wings, when carbon is the optimal material for maximum stiffness. For fuselage with a more square-shaped cross-section, aluminium has more suitable characteristics. Our choice of an aluminium fuselage makes Starboard foils stiffer, more controlled and more stable.


    We found G10 wings and glass fibre wings to flex too much, no matter what we tried. Flex reduces control and stability. Since thicker wings would reduce performance, we chose to make all thinner Starboard Wings in pre-preg Toray carbon. Stiffer wings equal controlled and stable flight.

    Thicker wings like the Wave series sit on the opposite side of the spectrum: their thickness make them practically inflexible, so stiffness isn't an issue. Instead, we use a foam core to reduce weight and add some layers of glass to improve durability and impact resistance.

    Product Specs

    Front Wing: Wave 1700

    Tail Wing: Wave 370 

    Fuselage: 67 

    Mast: Aluminium 65cm 

    Front Wing: Sleeve system 

    Tail Wing: Rocker system  

    Fuselage: Starboard Universal Connect 

    Mast: Deep Tuttle