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    Leashes Save Lives!

    We recommend you always wear a leash that suits your board length, riding style and paddling location.*  

    A leash stops you from becoming separated from your board if you fall off.  In a race situation being separated from your board can cost you your hard-earned place, but when paddling in windy conditions, it can quickly become hazardous.

    For racing, downwind and flatwater paddling, a coiled leash is ideal as it will stay on top of your board, eliminating drag and being less likely to become entangled with other riders, race buoys or paddles in the water.  A coiled leash is also suitable for flatwater paddling on an all-round board. **

    The 8-foot coiled race leash allows you to stand in a neutral position in the center of a 12'6 or 14' board without getting pulled by the leash.


    • Ankle option
    • 6mm light race leash
    • Double stainless steel swivels
    • Key pocket
    • 8’ length

    * For surfing we recommend a straight leash approximately the same length as your board.
    **For swiftwater or river paddling, or even in a fast-flowing tidal estuary, leashes can be an entrapment hazard, anchoring a paddler underwater or around strainers, so we recommend NO LEASH or a whitewater quick release belt.