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    Wingspan (cm): 69.5
    Chord (cm): 9.5
    Projected area (sqcm2): 500
    Aspect ratio: 9.7
    Weight: 400g

    The “RS” stands for Race Speed Series. These are the fastest
    wings in our collection.

    These wings are great for racing when Downwind Paddling or
    Winging. They are very fast, and turn and pump well. The RS
    wings are slightly thinner than the GT’s, which gives them the
    extra speed.

    They also cross over to waves with SUP and Prone riding. The
    RS1000 is now a favorite for team riders Kaden Pritchard and
    Max Moquin on their prone set-ups both for surfing and prone
    downwind. They used it dock starting as well.

    Dave Kalama really likes the RS1150 for downwind paddling
    on the good days here on Maui. He was clocked one day
    averaging 18.4 mph or 29.7 kph for a nautical mile (1.85 km)!
    The smaller sizes (RS 500 and 650), are what Alex rides when
    he is winging and trying to go over 30mph. He also uses these
    when racing downwind on the wing.

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