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    GoFoil GL180 Front wing

    Part of the new High-Aspect GL series, the GL180 is built for speed range.  You can expect twice the speed range of your typical GoFoil wings. These are a flat design, so all the lift is projected straight upwards and it also provides a skatey style turn with insane pumping performance and glide.

    These wings feature the new 1.5 series construction with shiny finish for lighter weight and more streamlined glide.  This new series is compatible with all Gofoil Mast/Fuselages and should not require much fitment like A-la-carte wings had in the past.

    For maximum top speed, we recommend using the pedestal and 18W or 18N stabilizers. However, if you want more lively turns you can use the Kai stab.  If more slow speed stability is your goal, then pair it with as Maliko stabilizer.

    Compare Go Foil wings

      Under 140 lbs 140-180 lbs 180-210 lbs
    Surfboard – small waves Nalu/Kai/GL140 Kai/Iwa/GL180 Iwa/Maliko 200/GL210
    Surfboard – large waves Nalu/GL100 Nalu/Kai/GL140 Nalu/Kai/Iwa/GL180
    SUP – small waves Kai/Iwa/GL180 Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200/GL210 Iwa/Maliko 200/ GL240
    SUP – large waves Nalu / GL140 Nalu/Kai / GL180 Nalu/Kai/Iwa/ GL210
    Downwind on surfboard Iwa / GL180 Iwa/Maliko 200/ GL210 Maliko 200 / GL210
    Downwind on SUP Iwa/Maliko 200/ GL210 Iwa/Maliko 200 / GL240 Maliko 200/Maliko 280/ GL240
    Kiteboarding Nalu/ GL100 Nalu/Kai / GL140 Nalu/Kai/Iwa / GL140
    Wakeboarding Nalu/Kai/Iwa / GL180 Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 / GL210 Iwa/Maliko 200 / GL240
    Windsurfing Nalu/Kai / GL100 Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 /GL140 Kai/Iwa/Maliko 200 / GL180

    Compare Go Foil masts

      Under 140 lbs 140-180 lbs 180-210 lbs
    Surfboard 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    SUP 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Wakeboarding 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Downwind on surfboard 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″ 24.5″/28.5″/29.5″
    Downwind on SUP 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
    Kiteboarding 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″
    Windsurfing 29.5″ 29.5″ 29.5″