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    How to make a great product better? Well, we have done it! 

    The 2023 Minimalist Wing Foil Harness is loaded with some impressive, new features taking the Minimalist to a new levell! 
    The 2023 design has a refined profile, bringing the sides forward with softer edges and other new features and enhancements. Lightweight comfort, combined with the perfect amount of structure, shape and unique, functional features

    34++ ″ Waist

    2023 Enhancements:

    • New combination of foams, neoprene and Cordura for increased comfort and softer fit, especially at the forward tips and the profile edges.
    • Side tips moved forward 2 3/4" with softer edges and end tips.
    • Strap Window pass-thru slots (side tips) 1" wider, allowing tucking in excess webbing.
    • Softer webbing strap on the buckle closure side for smooth and easy adjusting
    • Elastic comfort waist band (cumberbund) Removable for the uber minimalist!
    • Back Strap Window 1" wider
    • Strong & rigid hook webbing with full side to side hook sliding
    • 8 mm stainless steel surf swivel - time tested and unbreakable - added to all leashes.

     A heavy duty 1 1/2” Super Step Buckle for guaranteed, reliable strength. Optional 1-1/2" curved Side Release Buckle for quick & easy on and off is available on request only and will require cutting the webbing to remove the step buckle.

    The complete harness includes a Wing Ding Hook with full side-to-side sliding, easy-in and easy-out geometry that quickly moves out of the way when paddling or getting onto your board and for effortless topside reaches.  Also includes a 4’ or 5’ Freedom Leash (black) and two moveable spectra loop attachments.

    The Strap Window 

    Minimalist design incorporates an internal 1 ½” heavy duty double webbing belt which feeds through the harness, with a 4 1/2” Strap Window for attaching a board or wing leash.  This double webbing waist strap provides all the strength needed to handle getting yanked or dropped.   


    The bomber strap window allows for the board and/or wing hook up using the included sliding loop, reel leash or looped spectra.  


    The removable strap also offers flexibility for buckle placement, left or right side.  Multiple attachments points for kite and board leash, left, right, front, or back leash positions are possible. 


    The strap webbing has more than enough length to trim, but caution don’t trim to short. Although the strap is replaceable as it is slides in/out through the strap window.


     Freedom Bungee Leash

    The Minimalist includes our popular time tested 4’ or 5’ Bungee leash. The leash utilizes a unique combination of ¼” bungee, covered with soft tubular nylon webbing which can stretch to nearly double its length. No coils, plastic tubing, or metal to "whack” you or your board, just soft durable components.  New in 023 is the added 8 mm stainless steel surf swivel - time tested and unbreakable.


    Optional Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Tiger Snap Hook is available with swivel effect and single handed quick release of the leash.  

    Wing Hook

    The Minimalist comes complete with NSI’s original softer hook design, the Wing Ding (Free) Hook, the ultimate, non-damaging spreader bar alternative! The hook is streamlined, 5/8" thick, with a smoother radius where your harness line rides. Easy folding over or sliding to the side when paddling or getting yarded.