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    • Prepreg Carbon Blade - top of the line super light, strong and responsive blade technology by using full cover pre-impregnated top of the line 3K and Uni-directional Carbon Fibres. Full 3K Prepreg Carbon infusion rail all the way up to the neck for increased durability and impact resistance.
    • Prepreg Carbon Shaft - Ultra-lightweight for longer and more efficient paddle session, made using a lightweight Carbon Fibre pre-impregnated construction.
    • The Concave - Guides the water throughout the blade controlling the wobbling and increasing the water flow speed. The edge defining the concave starts round-shaped at the tip of the blade to separate the water smoothly. It then becomes sharper to dictate the water its path and stabilise the blade. All your power is transferred in a straightforward motion as you don't need to worry about paddle alignment in the water anymore.
    • Blade Angle - The Lima has a unique narrow and flat profile allowing you to pull the blade very close to the rail of the board, giving it a really nice line. Combine to a 10° angle, the power phase is very efficient making all your energy go in a straight forwards motion.



    S30 – EXTRA STIFF. ! 

    • Stiffest shaft for paddlers who prefer minimal flex.

    • Daniel Hasulyo’s favourite choice