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    Performance shapes for serious riders seeking world-class waves.

    • Dedicated high performance surfing used by World Champion riders Zane Schweitzer, Sean Poynter & Shakira Westdorp.
    • Exciting response with greater control to push more radical maneuvers.
    • New shorter nose outline, channeled tail & thinner rails upgrade the performance. 

    8’10” X 29” PRO XL

    “The XL with the added volume from the thickness in the standing area makes for an ultra stable but high performance wave board. The board catches waves easily and is reactive when linking top to bottom turns. At 90+ kg this board lets me save energy from the added volume so I can spend longer out in the waves!” Agung Surya Putra

    Length (imperial) 8'10''
    Length (cm) 269.2 cm
    Width (imperial) 29''
    Width (cm) 73.7 cm
    Thickness (imperial)                                     4.7''
    Thickness (cm) 11.9 cm
    Tail Width (Imperial)  16.9''
    Tail Width (cm) 42.9 cm
    Volume 143 L
    Rider Weight 80-115 kg
    Fin Set Up Thurster and Quad
    Fins Center: 140 / Side: 4.5''
    Weight Blue Carbon 7.5 kg (Est)
    Weight Starlite 8.3 kg (Est)
    Bottom Shape Mono-concave with curve at the tail

    This board is short, stable and sensitive. Combining comfort with high-performance surfing. Lowered nose rocker, raised tail and squared tail improve the performance of this popular size.

    • Shorter outline helps to fit in tighter pockets of the wave and is more maneuverable without the nose catching through the turns.
    • New channeled tail brings a magic flare and excitement with more bite and control in maneuvers.
    • Scaled up PRO rider shapes gives PRO performance to all rider weights.

    Key Features: New shorter outline makes it possible to ride a smaller board with more reactivity. Thinner rails give more control & response to generate more speed. Channeled tail gives bite and drive out of turns. All feature diamond grooved traction pads with tail kick pad with raised centre ridge.

    Fins: Supplied with Quad and thruster FCS 2 fin boxes and new 8” lighter fin center box. Thruster Balsa Core Fins included.

    Conditions: Larger clean hollow conditions, beach breaks down to smaller waves.



    High density RPET Foam made from 100% recycled plastic bottles wraps the entire deck and rails for high impact strength and overall breakage.

    High density End Grain Balsa sustainable sourced from Ecuador covers the full bottom for incredible impact resistance and fatigue strength.

    Natural uni-directional flax sourced from Europe wraps the full rails. Having the fibres aligned in one direction stiffens the board and prevents total breakage. Flax fibre reduces 90% of energy consumption compared to fibreglass and is bio-degradable.

    A 15kg/m3 precision moulded fused cell core replicates the exact shape, offers high strength at the lightest weight. Our moulded technology has 0% waste EPS.

    High-grade lightweight S-Glass wraps the full deck and bottom. S-Glass is generally 60% better than carbon and over twice as strong as conventional glass. It also has a lower resin uptake resulting in lighter weight. 

    Ultra lightweight and stiff uni-directional Carbon is positioned on the rail from the mid point to the nose for extra strength against total breakage.

    Multiple reinforcements in the standing area, nose and tail increase impact resistance.

    The sensational lightweight increases carving ability and acceleration.

    Natural water-based dye is used on the deck and bottom, reducing harmful toxins & paint chips.


    *some images may show Starlite technology. Blue Carbon is the board with the wood-look bottom.