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    Travel with your board in style 

    A quality travel bag that opens the doors to a whole new world of adventure travel. 

    Explore waterways inaccessible by road, visit remote riverside villages, or just appreciate nature from a whole new angle when you take your board away with you.

    • Extra durable, non corrosive zipper on the deck, preventing board rail damage
    • Air vent and zipper fin slot
    • Inside fin pocket
    • Ultra durable outer layer for maximum durability made with 450D rip stop "Waste2Wear" fabrics from recycled plastic bottles
    • Shoulder carry strap and compression belt
    • Name card holder
    • 8mm foam padding + extra 8 mm along nose and tail area for extra care
    • Multiple handles and compression belt

    A travel bag is also great for storing your board when it’s not in use, giving that little bit of extra protection from UV light, all kinds of weather, and the inevitable knocks and bumps.  

    The 12'6 Travel Bag will add longevity to your board, and keep it looking young (making it even easier to sell the board when it's time for an upgrade...)