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    Break-through shapes and technologies. 

    Rail thickness is in line with the pro range to keep sensitivity and responsiveness at their peak. 

    • Fast, stable and reactive in a short length.
    • Wide nose and tail allows riding a shorter board. 
    • Inverted nut rail for acceleration and tight turning. 

    7'2" X 28" 

    • Ultimate performance for all conditions. 
    Thickness  4"
    Volume 105L
    Tail Width 20.2"
    Weight Range 50-85kg
    Fin Set Up Quad


    This board is suitable for use as a Foil Board*.  It can be customised to accommodate a Foil setup (Tuttle Fin Box added) for an additional $400.  Please contact Jeremy on +64 21 926 698 to arrange. 

    *Foil mast and wing sold separately.



    with scratch-proof parabolic innegra rails 

    100% PEFC certified and sustainably sourced Australian Pine.

    A 15kg/m3 precision molded fused cell core replicates the exact shape, offers high strength at the lightest weight

    A high density 500kg/m3 Pine veneer of lightweight 0.6mm Biaxial Pine forms an outer layer on the entire deck for extra impact resistance, rigidity and improved overall hull integrity.

    Uni-directional carbon rail stringers and glass reinforcements for added strength against snapping when nose-diving (Boards below 10ft).

    High grade woven Carbon innegra with impregnated pigment wraps the entire rails for maximum impact resistance and hull strength

    Extra reinforcements are placed around all inserts.

    Full Bio resin infusion maintains superior performance with a lower impact on the environment.