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    A well balanced blade design with medium dihedral providing great stability and good power. 

    The Low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and it is also great to lean on while wave riding.

    Carbon technology retains strength while possessing incredibly good flex characteristics, allowing one to paddle longer and harder without getting tired.

    • Flex and strength are tuned into each blade size and shape through the utilization of Biaxial 60/60 degree Carbon cloth and Biaxial 45-degree fabric to increase the durability and reduce the risk of buckling
    • New high density PVC core developed from aerospace technology.
    • Super strong ABS rail insert along the entire edge of the blade to reduce damaging the blade.
    • Controlled resin ratio on all blades, minimizing any excess weight without compromising the strength and flex of the blade.


    Blade Length 18.2", 46.3 cm 19.2", 48.8 cm
     Blade Width 8.1", 20.5 cm 8.1", 20.7 cm
     Area 73.6, 475 cm2 81.4", 525 cm2
     Total Length 81.7", 207.5 cm 82.7", 210 cm
     Min 59.4", 151 cm 60,6", 154 cm
     Max 83.3", 211.5 cm 84.1", 213.6 cm


    Round Carbon Shaft Stiffness 38

    A stiff shaft with controlled flex to maximise speed and power, providing a more direct transfer of energy.

    Light weight 100% Carbon fiber pre-impregnbated construction for the lowest resin uptake and most consistent production. 

    The 29mm diameter round shaft is the lightest and most versatile shaft.  Preferred for all round paddling and waves.

    Sean Poynter and Zane Schweitzer's choice for wave riding.