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    The choppy water champion

    Designed for slightly more advanced riders paddling in choppy and open ocean conditions.  

    Hands down our favourite girls' board for local Waitemata Harbour course racing and downwinding!

    With a flatter rocker, rounder rails aft, refined nose shapes and efficient cockpit, the 2015 ACE sees its largest performance leap in five years.

    Catching bumps quicker, connecting better between waves, faster upwind and quicker on the flats, The Ace is an overall easier board to paddle, with more excess speed than ever.

    Generally, the high sidewalls and dug out standing area allow for a narrow and fast hull. The narrower hull also makes it possible to keep the paddle closer to the board, thus transferring energy more effectively.

    The thick board with lots of volume, simply pops up over the chop all the time, making it effortless to paddle and catch wave bumps.  The NACA profile outline with its narrow tail provides an incredibly efficient release of water.

    The built-out rail section makes it possible to use wider stances.

    • Curved rocker line for acceleration and entry onto bumps, connecting between waves and speed upwind.
    • Cockpit standing area has been extended for added sensitivity to trim up and down the board to stay forever-catching bumps.
    • High vertical side walls provide pop in chop and lowers the center of gravity for increased stability for the rider to exert maximum power with every stroke. Also restricts water entering the tray.
    • Widened inside the tray at the tail for more room placing your feet back for improved stability and buoyancy when buoy turning.
    • Added volume in the tail forces the tail to pop up immediately once submerged, minimizing drag.
    • NACA profile outline with its narrow tail provides an incredibly efficient release of water.
    Length:   12' 6"
    Width:   24"
    Thickness:   10.2"
    Weight:   11.48 Kg
    Volume:   271 L
    Max Rider Weight:   80 kg