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    A board for all conditions
    Nimble and responsive, the 12'6 board is a favourite for smaller women and lighter riders who want to go fast in choppy water, upwind, sidewind and downwind.
    The best board for Waitemata Harbour racing and downwinding.  This board catches glides on auto-pilot, and turns easily.  
    Built out, recessed rails in the standing area. With this ergonomically efficient shape, we made a narrow board more stable, allowing you to paddle longer with less energy loss.
    In keeping the full cockpit, flat and wide recessed deck, you can walk further back on the board while in chop, surf more easily in small swell and make better turns around buoys. It is the best choice for long distance racing.
    Rider Weight up to 80kg
    Length: Width: Tail Width: Volume:
    12'6" 23.5" 7.9" 268 L
    381 cm 59.7 cm 20 cm