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    Leashes Save Lives!

    Always wear the correct leash for the conditions:  

    Straight Leash = Surf or All Round
    Coiled Leash = Race or Flatwater
    Quick Release Leash = Moving Water*


    The 8' Surf Leash is ideal in the surf, because it has less spring back than a coiled leash (and therefore less chance of your board coming back and hitting you in the face!) and it trails in the water leaving your deck clear to move your feet around the board. Ideally a surf SUP leash should be about the length of your board.

    A straight leash is the most universal leash as can be used in not only surf but also flat water. So if you’re wanting one type of leash to use on flat water and in the surf then get yourself a straight leash.


  • 9mm strong cord surf leash
  • Double stainless steel swivels
  • Key pocket
  • 8' surf length

  • *For swiftwater or river paddling, or even in a fast-flowing tidal estuary, leashes can be an entrapment hazard, anchoring a paddler underwater or around strainers, so we recommend NO LEASH or a whitewater quick release belt attachment.