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    Break-through shapes and technologies. 

    Rail thickness is in line with the pro range to keep sensitivity and responsiveness at their peak. 

    • Fast, stable and reactive in a short length.
    • Wide nose and tail allows riding a shorter board. 
    • Inverted nut rail for acceleration and tight turning. 

    7'4" X 30" 

    • Stability with speed and reactivity to get vertical. 
    Thickness  3.9"
    Volume 106L
    Tail Width 21"
    Weight Range 50-90kg
    Fin Set Uo Quad


    This board is suitable for use as a Foil Board*.  It can be customised to accommodate a Foil setup (Tuttle Fin Box added) for an additional $400.  Please contact Jeremy on +64 21 926 698 to arrange. 

    *Foil mast and wing sold separately.




    • Impregnated paint pigment means no paint is sprayed, reducing the overall weight, paint chips and scratches.
    • Full plant based Bio resin infusion maintains superior performance with a lower impact on the environment
    • We use inverted EVA deck pads to avoid waste, thus every second board will have a reverse colour combination from what is featured.
    • A 15kg/m3 precision moulded fused cell core replicates the exact shape, offers high strength at the lightest weight. Our moulded technology has 0% waste EPS.
    • A full deck, bottom and rail wrap of high density PVC foan significantly increases the impact resistance and overall hull strength at the lightest weight.
    • High-grade lightweight S-Glass wraps the full deck and bottom. S-Glass is generally 60% better than carbon and over twice as strong as conventional glass. It also has a lower resin uptake resulting in lighter weight.
    • Ultra lightweight biaxial and stiff uni-directional high grade Carbon with optimized angles deliver flex and reflex for incredible response.
    • The sensational lightweight increases carving ability and acceleration.
    • S Glass tensile strength (load needed to break material) is generally 60% better than carbon and over twice as strong as conventional glass.