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    THE FRIENDLY FUN BOARD THAT MAKES ANY PADDLER FEEL PRO - Amazing glide is created by the deep wide middle channel which forms a flatter faster bottom middle curve.

    Benchmark stability from the concave catamaran style hull enables one to ride a board 2 inch less wide than normal, increasing the glide.

    Great turnability provided by the wide tail platform which makes it easy to step back.


    10’8”x31”: Quicker turning and easier to move around. A fast, nimble and effortless glide. Another jewel for riders new to SUP or those who look for a real upgrade. For riders up to 100kg. 


    Length (imperial) 10'8''
    Length (cm) 325.1 cm
    Width (imperial) 31''
    Width (cm) 78.7 cm
    Thickness (imperial)                   4.5'' 
    Thickness (cm) 11.4
    Tail Width (Imperial) 18.''
    Tail Width (cm) 45.7 cm
    Volume 192 L 
    Rider Weight 55-100 kg
    Fin Set Up Single 
    Fins Cutaway 230 (ASAP: 9")
    Weight Carbon Top
    10.4 kg (Est)
    Weight Starlite 11.7 kg (Est)

    Weight Starshot
    10.5 kg (Est)
    Weight ASAP 11.7 kg (Est)
    Bottom Shape
    Deep channel throughout


    Performance: Extra stable and smooth glide makes paddling simple for the ultimate first time SUP experience. ASAP and Starlite technologies are strong, lightweight and durable, this is the ideal board for schools and centers worldwide. The new Tikhine ladies line is an irresistible choice, bringing together exciting performance and timeless style.

    Target Rider: The perfect introduction for first time paddlers who want to paddle fast and stay dry. The size range from 12’0” to 9’4” accommodates all rider weights and abilities. The bigger sizes offer the most stability from the wider outline, while the shorter narrower boards are suited for lighter riders offering greater tracking and maneuverability.

    Conditions: Designed to offer the best experience on flat-water and light wind chop.

    Explore Asap Technology

    *3D Images show Carbon Technology. 2D Image shows AST Electric.

    Don’t know what you are looking for?  Read our first time SUP Buyers Guide or send us a message below.