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    The world's most winning race board

    The All Star is the most versatile race design for all conditions, whether it is flat-water, choppy, upwind/downwind or in the surf.

    The board feels light with fast acceleration. It's design creates lift for easier glide, faster speed and enhanced linear planing. It has a controlled and direct performance that hovers with every stroke instead of pitching.

    Versatile for many riders as an easy design to use. 

    The All Star provides amazing glide while maintaining stability in all conditions and control to surf in breaking waves during beach racing.

    The 28" width is suitable for heavier riders and beginners, while the 12'6 length offers greater maneuverability and control in wind and waves.

    Key Features:

    Tri-concave bottom with chamfered rail is optimized for ultimate speed and control.  The outer chamfered rail provides two tuck lines for greater stability, so you can ride a narrower board and have increased control to turn direction in the surf.  The chamfer rail boosts acceleration and speed as it funnels the water, creating a clean release with less drag from the water wrapping around the rail.

    Flatter side planes provides a more stable platform with better control, forcing the water to release towards the outer chamfer edge.

    Double concave nose enhances trim control in downwind and delivers more linear lift for overall faster flat-water speed.

    Slight tray with recessed deck pad for greater grip and stability.

    Straight and slender outline for optimum glide, control and stability.

    Deeper center channel propels water flow from the nose to the tail for incomparable lift and speed in flat-water paddling, while also maintaining a curved profile for downwind performance.

    Sharp rail edges for extra control in surf.

    Fuller nose volume increase overall ground speed as it gives more buoyancy and lift in choppy conditions, allowing the rider to keep a more constant rhythm with higher cadence strokes.  A lower volume nose is more prone to diving in chop, causing the board to pitch which requires stronger slower strokes to help lift the nose from diving.

    Smooth nose kick with refined V gives faster entry onto bumps without the nose ploughing through the water.

    Boxy and straighter rails with more vertical apex reduces the rolling sensation and helps to ride a narrower board without sacrificing stability due to the outer chamfer.

    Angled tail shape holds the optimum volume to control the nose catching bumps early.


      Volume 307 L
      Rider weight 75-105 kg
      Fins Race Ultra 


      Flat-water, choppy, downwind and surf.

      *3D Images show Carbon Technology. 2D Image shows AST Electric.

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