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    The world's most stable SUP boards

    The first inflatable SUP with a cool window to view the sea bottom.  The extra stable hull shape makes it possible for several people to explore the underwater world.  The perfect summer toy for "kids" of any age.  

    Also a great accessory for your yacht.  Get back to the beach/harbour to purchase food and drinks and let the whole family have some extra fun.  This incredibly stable and stylish looking hull enables you and your family to take part in the new adventure of paddle boarding.

     Length 11'2"
     Width 40"
     Thickness 6.0"
     Tail Width 24.0"
     Volume 405 L


    Astro Deluxe Inflatable Technology

    All the small details put together makes a big difference... more performance, more volume, more stiffness.

    Engineered Dynamic Rocker: Boards have different stiffness's due to their geometry.  We calculate Deltas from the desired rocker in order to reverse engineer a new Static Negative Rocker; thus when a rider is on the board, the board flexes close to it's optimal rocker curve.

    Parabolic Anti-Torsion System: Top and bottom high tensile rail bands along the outline creates a stiffening Parabolic Anti-Torsion System

    Assembly: The PVC deck and bottom coating is machine rolled under high pressure and high temperature to maximize adhesion.

    Proven Design: Our Astro shapes are based on our best selling 'hard board' designs.

    The Astro Deluxe has:
    • 6" Linear Drop Stitch core material for extreme stiffness.
    • High tensile UD center stringer for stiffness
    • Full EVA deckpad and comfortable neoprene carry handle
    • Comes with High quality, heavy duty canvas and breathable mesh Astro Bag, with storage space for board and high pressure pump (also included).
    Don’t know what you are looking for?  Read our first time SUP Buyers Guide or send us a message below.