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    A Piece of art.

    Beautiful Collector's Item - Limited Edition Wooden Terje Haakenson TAC board.

    Never used, surfed or even been on the water.  ONE only.  Has been on shop display only.  

    In collaboration with Terje Haakonsen (World Snowboarding Champ from Norway) and TAC (The Arctic Challenge), these beautifully hand crafted boards are built to high precision at light weight in the strong precision wood technology that Starboard pioneered back in 1994. 

    Inspired by the vast Norwegian landscape of fjords cutting through the mountain range down to the North Sea, to the powerful waves of Lofoten Island and the West Coast.  

    If you get your hands on one, you might see yourself peacefully gliding across the Norwegian Fjords or challenge the uniquely powerful waves at Lofoten island during a midnight sun session. 

    "My new paddle boards are another beautiful additions to my board quiver.  For small surfing days or just cruising the fjords where I live, it is an easy way to get psyched and out there!" Terje Haakenson.

    Extremely stable at 34 inches width, the Whopper provides stability to paddle through the most turbulent white water and other difficult conditions. Maneuvering the board is simple as it turns very easily on the spot with its stability making it a breeze to paddle into waves. Almost impossible to nosedive, it catches even the smallest waves with ease, making SUP even more fun. The Whopper continues to surprise with amazingly good wave riding characteristics for it's width. 

    Mono concave nose section to flat middle and tail V.

    Length: 304.4 cm
    Width: 86.2 cm
    Tail Width: 18.4" /46.7 cm
    Stability rating: 9
    Thickness: 4.13" /10.5 cm
    Volume: 168 L

    WOOD Sandwich TAC

    • An original Wood technology pioneered by Starboard in 1994. 
    • The lightweight fusion blown EPS has PVC reinforcements embedded for all insert's reinforcements.
    • Military grade fiberglass wraps around the core in an Epoxy resin matrix to form an inner sandwich wall under the combination of a strong and stiff 510kg/m3 0.6mm Australian Pine and Makori veneer.
    • TAC boards have Starboard Startouch deck traction.


    • Light
    • Stiff
    • Strong
    • Exceptional look 
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