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    • Awesome fun with straight outlines, allowing narrower design and more correct paddle technique.
    • The wide tail helps you jump on the tail and kick the board around in no time with full control.
    • Deluxe Double Chamber features built in shoulder carry strap so you can hold a drink or phone while carrying.
    • Includes lightweight leash, two-way best in class pump and extra strong backpack bag made by 18 recycled plastic bottles.

    Target rider: A size for every rider weight and skill level.

    Shape: Longer wider boards have faster glide & stability, shorter narrower are easier to turn & lighter to carry.

    Conditions: Suited for flat-water cruising and light ocean chop.

    Fins: New long profile thruster fins for straight tracking and compact packing


    11’2”x32” GO*

    Narrow width increases the glide and tracking for lighter riders up to 100kg.

    Wider tail is easier to turn, straighter outline improves tracking.

    Length (imperial) 11'2''
    Length (cm) 340.4 cm
    Width (imperial) 32''
    Width (cm) 81.3 cm
    Thickness (imperial)                   5.5'' (DDC: 6") (Tikihine: 4.75") 
    Thickness (cm) 14.0 (DDC: 15.2) (Tikihine: 12.1)
    Tail Width (Imperial) 18.9''
    Tail Width (cm) 48.0 cm
    Volume 312 L (DDC: 340 L) (Tikihine: 269 L)  
    Rider Weight 45-100 kg
    Fin Set Up Single (Tikihine: Thruster)
    Fins 8" (DDC: FCS Connect 9") (Tikihine: Thruster)
    Weight Zen 11.4 kg (Avg)
    Weight DDC 12.1 kg (Avg)
    Weight Tikihine Zen 11.5 kg (Avg)

    *Replaces the 11’2”x32” Blend



    Tikihine Inflatables are built light and include a built-in shoulder carry strap making it effortless to carry the board to the water.

    The board’s carry handle is flat, well suited for yoga exercises and relaxing poses.

    All Starboard Inflatables feature heat-welded seams. Starboard’s new welding technique turns two into one – using heat to bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates a mechanical bond that’s stronger, lasts longer – and is better for the environment.

    Zen boards stiff and hard standing area plates make ZEN a solid winner at a lightweight.  The Galvanized 2000D rails and deck/bottom stringers sets the ZEN further apart.

    To finish it all off, we introduce a best in class pump and extra strong backpack bag with roller wheels, made by 18 recycled plastic bottles.



    “Painting is like writing a diary for me about all my experiences, journeys discovering exotic places & different cultures around the world. That ́s how I found my very own style. A technique with special acrylic pens allows me to bring my impressions of the stunning nature of Hawaii, the animating rough north sea of Sylt or the sand desert of Fuerteventura onto canvas. My paintings often tell a story. The viewer on a closer look always discovers new context in the flowing lines.

    As an high performance athlete doing SUP races I always want to be the fastest, in the art I find the peace, take my time... For me it ́s the perfect balance.

    The “Tikihine” is the result of an amazing collaboration with Starboard, being able to combine my two biggest passions presenting my art on the best boards."

    - Sonni Hönscheid

    Don’t know what you are looking for?  Read our first time SUP Buyers Guide or send us a message below.